The Taekwondo World Games Korea 2023 are just around the corner, and the korea team is in full preparation to compete in this exciting international event that will take place in South Korea.

The ITF sports team interviewed some members of the team in the run-up to the tournament,

Choi, Hyeong Taek – Competitor

▪️ How was the preparation for World Games Korea 2023?

“There is nothing special, but I practice consistently every day for world games 2023”

▪️ In what categories does he compete and with what expectation does he reach the competition?

“I will compete in patterns. I hope that I finish it to the end without making any mistakes.”

▪️ What countries do you see as favorites in the championship?

“Japan. I participated in a competition in Japan last time and was very impressed.”

▪️ Do you have some kind of special preparation before competition day?

“I plan to go to the stadium right after getting off work. Because I am an office worker haha.”

Choi seok dong – Competitor

▪️ How does your country reach this International competition?

“The competition was able to be held with the efforts of Taekwondo people around the world and the Korea Association of Korea.”

▪️ How was the previous planning, with previous competitions, physical/sports preparation?

“We prepared hard under the guidance of each local seal instructor, and we prepared hard by gathering local seals once a month to conduct joint training together.”

▪️ In which sports area is seen with more strengths Break/Fight/patterns) and that individual competitor or country sees as an adversary to respect?

“The South Korean team showed strong performance in the frame, but they prepared hard to do well against each other. I think all the countries and players in the world are rivals and I will do my best to play the game.”

▪️ What message do you have for your team before entering the competition?

“I hope all the players participating in the game will have a fun game without any injuries.”