The Taekwondo World Games Korea 2023 are just around the corner, and the Hong Kong team is in full preparation to compete in this exciting international event that will take place in South Korea.

The ITF sports team interviewed some members of the team in the run-up to the tournament,

Shum Oi Wa – Coach

▪️ How does your country reach this International competition?

“My country reached this competition by

▪️ How was the previous planning, with previous competitions, physical/sports preparation?

“We are now training for the world game recently and preparing for future events.”

▪️ In which sports area is seen with more strengths Break/Fight/patterns) and that individual competitor or country sees as an adversary to respect?

“I think sparring and pattern. I always see many good competitions in these area.”

▪️ What message do you have for your team before entering the competition?

“My message for my team is performing our best, no regrets. Grab every chance and enjoy everytime.”

Chan Wang Yin – Competitor

▪️ How was the preparation for World Games Korea 2023?

“very excited to join the world game because it is my first time”

▪️ In what categories does he compete and with what expectation does he reach the competition?

“I join individual patterns and individual sparring in this game”

▪️ What countries do you see as favorites in the championship?

“I want to see other good competitors in other countries. And I want to level up after this game. My favourite country is Korea.”

▪️ Do you have some kind of special preparation before competition day?

“My preparation is trained by my coach every week.”